Climate Change is assisting evolution.

Based on what evidence one asks.

Well, glad one asked, without evidence a claim can not be proven, the burden of proof, specifically,  ei qui dicit, non ei qui negatthe, burden of proof lays with the one who speaks, not the one who denies. _..Triggered ? :-).


Evolution is defined as a noun, the act of unrolling or unfolding: the doctrine according to which higher forms of life have gradually arisen out of lower, …sounds more like someone be making shit up. Another of those times one needs to apply scrutiny to ones’ own thinking. Pollution originates from where and if you say either “burning of fossil fuels” or “burning coal”, you get a booby prize and here’s why, ..we are surrounded by proof of a climate that is always changing, we are immersed in it, as were the generation before us and the generation before them and on and on to Adam.  Each generation had a level of industry, go back a mere seventy years and one would find wood fired forges and textile mills, happy faces and proud people (more of that later), one digresses.  If one takes the time to gather ones’ own evidence, build a dossier, one might soon find our little rock between the Indian and Pacific  Oceans is no longer a power house of industries. The manufactures and their factories are now long gone, Australia still has “a manufacturing base” but not like there once was. New industries are encouraged to move over seas where the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals is not so regulated, and skilled labourers and a skilled workforce can be arranged at a more reasonable rate ! .. just a little rant, one almost forgot the reason for the post. (-: If one is read thus far, thank you.

Join us on a little quest for truth…proof the environmental changes caused by man that are irreversible.

There is this –

Yea so, do we want more proof of irreversible man made environmental change , yes of course.

It’s not only Russia, what about …


And yet we hear from experts that farting cows are the problem, we need to feed cows seaweed gathered from the arms of mermaids whom farm seaweed from non radio-active fields and everything is environmentally friendly and no genetic mutations ever occur. It’s evolution, baby.

Based on what evidence, one should ask and actively seek out proof of claims.

 There is an apathy in our modern society it can be seen on the faces of our elderly.

  Wat Tyler & Peasant revolt of 1381 – Google it.



The issue was not only design but also updating coal burning technology, that didn’t happen.  Our CSIRO developed much of the tech but did the powerplants update, no. it was deemed too much of a financial risk, such a claim now after Snowey 2.0 gives reason for mirth. Anyhoo, it’s a shit show out there but people are waking up to the need of responsible stewardship and good governance.



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