Is this apple too shiney !

 How about one start a monologue, guess one would follow up with a topic, there’s a toughie. What about a term, how about abundant, it’s a good word, one knows what is being described, no. One knows there is a multitude of a thing. What thing is it and why would it warrant ones’ attention. How about leaving a legacy. .. nah, already been done, the guy in-charge of something very important , ..broke the thing he was to profess aloud ! (what a tool, turns out he had to make new ones, according to spec. as well, so divine knowledge was past down there somewhere, twice, talk about a patient God!).
What if one stops to consider a work such as the Desiderata, there is a legacy drifting it’s way through time, awaiting the traveling soul. Stop, look and listen. Be The Witness.
.. how easy it is to veer off the road of Ponder and wind up atop an embankment, ..focus.

What’s a priority subject to be discussed. We all know the cost of products in supermarkets have gone up, turns out all the convenience of a supermarket really is bad for local infrastructure and economics to name but a few of the downfalls, remember the story of a guy leading people into a desert away from old traditions and customs.
So what about an abundance of debt to leave as a legacy,..nah.
Books upon tombs have been written on the topic and most are rather dull. What about allegiance as a topic and a legacy.
One could pour out ones’ thinking in regards to the can of worms our wonderful High Court just opened regarding taxing electric vehicles for the usage of roads but newspapers will quietly steer around that awkward truth and few will consider what is outside the box.
How about a future with an abundance of energy without excessive taxation. (..aiming for the moon there i thinks !)
It is possible but it means an upheaval of everything including the education system(, so that has to be a good thing). One would need a working model perhaps accompanied by believable stats and a couple of pie carts to show “where the money is going !” Neh, sounds complicated.
Wow, two glasses of red whine and some chocolate and suddenly things can wait till the morrow.
nah, so I’m a cheap date.

Maybe someone knows his time as Peter Pan is coming to an end soon and a world of other realities await.
..neh, let it hurl its stones, loose its arrows, has stared in to the void and waited and waited until men with keys have clanged locks to and fro for signs of live, how perfect was the peace found in a locked cell, ..evil is identified and the brotherly code is agreed upon. A mans word is his bond.

But yes, another celebrity death, linked to undisclosed medical technologies.
What legacies are being left behind.

I’m sure one was going to write about something relevant, wonder what it was..

It was suppose to be witty but then it wasn’t all that funny, more schoolyard humor.

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