*** if it is still raining today, we will just head straight to Zeus next to Mc Donalds in the main street.
We may set up our banner on the bridge railing until 10:15 if it is raining or crappy weather, then head to Zeus. 
You are welcome to join us.

A Stand In The Park Benalla meets at the Benalla Botanical Gardens near the art gallery, every Sunday at 10:00am.
All are welcome to join us.
We have guest speakers, information days, handouts and good vibes.
If you know something is not right about this pandemic, or are just curious, come and talk to us.

Imporant reading:
The FDA tried to hide the data showing Pfizer vaccine injuries from the public for 75 years so you would never know that they knew their vaccines were killing you and your children.
Read about this and download the original court and Pfizer documents.

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Botanical Gardens,
Benalla, Victoria, Australia


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