..democracy for two.

The Great Pause, ..at least that what seems to be happening. Eventually, one does ponder or at least wonder if others ponder why things suddenly became expensive, social elitism is only pointing out the obvious but well done for spotting the elephant. Its always been there and once upon a time we (the people) knew who, respected how and trusted why, it was needed. Without it, it would seem people had no protection and no means of redress in commercial or private commerce, prince or pauper. Something had to be done to protect the vulnerable of an emerging culture and safeguard the growing wealth of a developing society, corruption was a given thing and graft was kept to a minimum, public-servants served the Crown and assisted its people, allegiance was an important trait once upon a time, it would be safe to conclude the disappointment to discover another branch of our invisible octopus has fallen into  a discreditable light. ..However, upon reflection,  what psychopath could resist the opportunity ! Turn it upside down, give it a shake, see how many sociopaths fall out..  maybe a can of worms, we have  😀


Who doesn’t love a good rummage every now and then, one never knows what pieces of the puzzle show up, chance favors a prepared mind.


And yeah, one was hopping to share some coherent thoughts on the voting process currently underway hence the title, ..democracy for two.

 It should be obvious to the meanest of intelligence by now that the “Yes” people are members of an occult cult pushing an agenda of social and environmental change with a  like it or not, tough titties policy. One ponders how many of those people know the founding document for Australia, the 1901 constitution took almost thirty years to write or who Edmund Barton was and why Federation took so long.

Crazy ideas are 1st ridiculed.


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