Building free energy machines to see which ones work and which ones dont.


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Building free energy machines to see which ones work and which ones dont.

From 15:00 until 19:00

At Monikas place in Myrrhee

165 Redcamp Road Myrrhee Vic

Free, but donations to pay for materials appreciated. No obligation whatsoever

Monika and Juicey Brucey / 0422 306 394

Process of elimination building of free energy machines.

We dont know if any of these work or not, so we are going to build some and see which ones work or not. If they work great, if not, we had some fun and got to socialise with others. This is the only way to separate the BS from the truth.

Sure we could have someone come and give us a talk about the theory of free energy, but what would that prove?
We are not interested theories, or talk, we want results and we want to have fun doing it. So we are going to make our way through some Youtube videos and build them EXACTLY how they are in the video to see if they work or not.

If you have plans for a free energy machine or know how to build one that works, come along also. But keep in mind we are there to build one,  not talk about it, so bring materials to actually build it, because that is exactly what we are going to do.
If you have any old alternators, magnets, electric motors, or other gear you think might be helpful, bring it along. Dont bring rubbish that you just want to get rid of.

So this is the first Youtube video we are going to follow below. We have all the materials to build it. Juicey Brucey bought all of the magnets and other stuff, now we just need to copy the video. If it does not work, we will recycle the materials for our next attempt until we find one that works.

This is also a social event. So please bring some food to share and some good vibes.
This is going to be fun fun fun!!!
Please make sure you register so we know how many are coming.

There are 4 people coming.

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