Police harassment in Benalla during peaceful assembly

At ASIP Benalla, we know there are many good police officers out there doing a good job.
But there are also many who we know are breaking the law by interfering with peaceful protests that are protected under Australian law.
The example of police harassment in the video is by no means the worst we have ever seen or experienced. It is in fact pretty tame. Our other videos will show you other instances of unwarranted and illegal harassment worse than this.
We don’t mind if police show up at our gatherings, look around, say hello, ensure there is no damage being done to property or people and then either stick around to listen, or go on their way. We have no problem with that at all and that is in fact their job.

What we have a problem with is police  assaulting, threatening, bullying or intimidating people for the heinous crime of standing in the park. This is especially true because the majority of our members are elderly, long term, Benalla residents.

Many of the legal concepts mentioned in this video have now been shown to NOT be useable in court no matter how morally correct they are.


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