Cairns News – Are these prominent Australians supporting Klaus Schwab’s global digital prison?


PATRIOTIC, freedom-loving Aussies have some questions for the swag of politicians and public figures who have direct and indirect associations with the World Economic Forum. Some are:

  • Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, WEF Young Global Leader (2021)
  • Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, NSW, (YGL 2021)
  • Clare O’Neill, Victorian Federal Labor MP for Hotham, member of Emily’s List Australia, a political network that supports “progressive” female candidates for election. (YGL 2019)
  • Former Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow, WEF YGL and Fabian Society member (perfect match!)
  • Movie actress/singer Jessica Mauboy  (YGL 2021)
  • Future Super executives Simon Sheikh and Geraldine Chin Moody, YGLs actively supporting WEF aims and objectives under banner of so-called “ethical investment”
  • Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of “global city” Melbourne, senior roles in WEF partner KPMG
  • Diane Currie, chief planner, City of Brisbane, member WEF Forum on Future Cities Tomorrow and UN Habit Advisory Committee.

The questions: Do you back the World Economic Forum in their plan to use AI technology to censor so-called misinformation on the internet? Do you support the use of facial recognition technology to surveil Australians? Do you support the so-called digital ID system and the abolition of cash? Do you support the WEF’s so-called great reset system where people “own nothing and will be happy1”?

Perhaps you can put to rest, Senators and others, the strong suspicion among many Australians that the WEF’s Young Global Leaders are pushing the WEF’s so-called Great Reset agenda which will essentially make private property illegal and keep the population virtually imprisoned in a digital identity system which controls every aspect of life. You think that’s a conspiracy theory, no it’s an actual plan put up in plain sight on the WEF’s own web pages.

Australians would reasonably suggest that you put those suspicions to rest right now by disassociating yourself from plans to censor free speech and expression on the internet in addition to the diabolical digital identity plan and the endless vaccinations pushed by WEF partners Bill Gates, Pfizer and the

We know that Senator Bragg chaired of the Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech, joined the class of 2021 Young Global Leaders as did pop singer Jessica Mauboy. What’s next Jessica, a run for the Senate or House of Representatives? Nothing like celebrity to propel one into political influence, hey Jess?

We also know that Senator Bragg has been getting lots of emails about his WEF links and the Senator told a journalist he hasn’t been able to work out why people have all these concerns about the WEF. After all, it’s just a global forum, he said. FYI Senator, the WEF wants and needs your political influence to push their global agenda on Australia, and their population control agenda is not an acceptable one. Or perhaps Senator, you’re prepared to tell the people of NSW that by 2030 they should own nothing, but they will be happy, because Klaus Schwab says so?

The WEF agenda is, of course, right up the alley of The Greens and Senator Hanson-Young has no problem endlessly spouting nonsense about the “climate crisis” and the alleged need for zero net emissions. But even a green leftie should have trouble with AI censorship and a totalitarian agenda, right Senator? So why don’t you just come out and support or deny the case for digital ID and China-style facial recognition cameras on every corner?

And then there’s the woke corporate crowd like Geraldine Chin Moody who founded the first Global Shapers community in Australia and Simon Sheikh, both pushing the infantile “wind/solar good, coal/oil bad” message on behalf of so-called ethical investment company Future Super. Actually it’s worse than that because this company is actively targeting and boycotting any industry or service connected to fossil fuel industry – except of course when they recharge their EVs at night with coal-fired electricity.

We wonder too, if Moody and Sheikh are backing the climate activists who have been attempting to disrupt coal facilities, trains and general road traffic. Attacking the functioning of the day to day economy is economic sabotage and can come under the definition of criminal activity.

Geraldine’s husband James Chin Moody is also a Young Global Leader. In 2015 he was a member of the WEF’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society and co-author of a book: ‘The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World’, published in 2010.

Following is a list of some (not all) of other Australian WEF “graduates” who someone kindly posted on Twitter and who inhabit the corporate world and are pushing woke WEF/Agenda 20-30 ideology.

 Brian McNamee, Former CEO and current director of global biotech company CSL (who produced AstraZeneca vaccines for Australia), chairman of Genesis Care. Served on panel of the Financial System Inquiry in 2014. Global Leader of Tomorrow (GLOT 1994)
 Andrew Charlton, managing director of Accenture. Has also been Senior Economic Advisor to the PM during the GFC, Senior Government official to the G20 economic summits and the PMs representative to the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – (YGL 2011)
 Michael Cannon-Brookes, Australian billionaire and co-founder and co-CEO of software company Atlassian. Also adjunct professor at University of NSW and big time opponent of fossil fuels in Australia. (YGL 2009)
 Christian Behrenbruch – Founder of CEO of Telix Pharmaceuticals and chairman of Cell Therapies Pty Ltd. The companies specialise in nuclear medicine and in cell therapy, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and cellular immunotherapy products. (YGL 2011)
 David Hill – Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Deloitte Asia
 Jeremy Heimans , co-founder and CEO of Purpose. Also co-founded the Australian political movement GetUp! and global online political community 2011)
 Saul Griffith, co-founder and CEO of OtherLab, a research and development company working on computational manufacturing and design tools. (YGL 2011)
 Kala Mulqueeny, Environmental lawyer and policy specialist and current Senior Advisor at the Ocean Geographic Society. (YGL 2011)
 Amanda McCluskey, Investor and Co-Head of Sustainable Funds at Stewart Investors. Current board member of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. (YGL 2012)
 Lisa MacCallum Carter, Founder and Chief strategist of Inspired Companies. Also a former Vice President at Nike and non executive director at Bond University. (YGL 2012)
 Alex Wyatt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of August Robotics (backed by Mike Cannon-Brookes) Also current member of WEF Global Future Council on AI and Robotics. (YGL 2013)
 Gordon Hughes, founder and managing eirector of Rhythmscape Publishing. Was founding Curator for WEF Global Shapers Community’s Brisbane Hub. (YGL 2013)
 Jane McAdam, Scientia Professor at the University of NSW. Current Director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law with focus on human rights and climate change. (YGL 2013)
 Andrew Kuper, CEO and founder at LeapFrog Investment Group. Serves on the board of the Global Private Capital Association and on the G7 Task Force on Impact Investing. (YGL 2013)
 Jeremy Howard (you’ll love this one), founding researcher at fast a.i and co-founder of Masks4All. He is a proponent of digitised healthcare and at the start of the COVID-event, organized a worldwide campaign for mandatory face masks. Current member of the WEF Global AI Council. (YGL 2013)
 Tony Abrahams, co-founder and CEO of Ai-Media, a company that does captioning and translation technologies – (YGL 2013)
 Hayley Saddington – founder and CEO of Halo Medical Devices which makes Digital Goniometers. (YGL 2014)
 Rachel Chong, founder and CEO of Catchafire, an online skills-based volunteer platform. (YGL 2014)
 Rory Hunter, CEO of SoHo Partners and founder of Song Saa Collective. (YGL 2015)
 Samantha Freebairn, RAAF Wing Commander (yes, they’re in the armed forces) and pilot and deputy director of Aviation Operations within Cadet Branch. (YGL 2016)
 Kaila Murnain, former NSW Labor General Secretary. She resigned after revelations of party donations from a Chinese billionaire. (YGL 2018).
 Lucy McRae, science fiction artist, “body architect” and filmmaker. Her installations include film, photography, sculptures and edible and wearable technologies.
 Lucy d’Arville, partner at Bain International Inc (management consulting firm) and non-executive board director at OzHarvest. (YGL 2019)
 Melanie Perkins, CEO and co-founder of Canva (an online design and publishing tool) and “one of Australia’s wealthiest women”. (YGL 2019)
 Caroline Blanch Israel – managing director and partner, Boston Consulting Group, specialists in ecommerce, retail digital ecosystems, and advanced analytics. (YGL year unknown)

Other WEF graduates going back into the 1990s can be seen at Twitter posts by @Syrus_9. They include some prominent Australians including ex-Treasurer Peter Costello, James Packer and former Nationals Senator Bill O’Chee. Yes, the WEF even targets the country folk (which might help explain the Nationals’ drift to the left).   

1. You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy (or You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy) originated from a 2016 essay by Danish MP Ida Auken, which was included in the WEF video “8 Predictions for the World in 2030”. The prediction is based on the WEF idea that all products to become services, but obvious involves abolition of the right to own private property under a communistic system run by an elite.


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