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They’ve Used This Weapon For Decades,
Now We’re Uncovering the Truth Behind It…

The experts you’ll hear from in this video have done everything they can to alert government officials.

They’ve notified the FBI and other governmental agencies and have received minimal reply, if any.

Why is the government ignoring this urgent research?

We know the truth, and they are simply ignoring it…

The studies prove it, take a look at these…

One study from the University of Arizona found the vaccine to contain an enzyme very similar to one found in rattlesnake venom, and concluded this could be the cause of many COVID deaths.1

Another study noted that anti-toxin medication was found helpful in the treatment of patients with severe COVID.2

More coincidences or not?

Here’s more about what you’ll hear about in this shocking video:

We cannot tolerate this blatant violation of our medical freedom any longer. They’ve lied to us and it’s time that YOU discover the truth about what’s really inside this experimental vaccine…

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