Going with the Flow.


try that again.

We don’t always hang a banner or hand out flyers but there was someone in the park for Aussie Stand In The Park.

It was raining, one would eventually have good reason to ask ones self the obvious question, “Why is one standing around in the rain.”

Well, sometimes the answer requires a better question, one may need to construct a defined observation of a situation to gain more relevant information. One might ponder a different out come then what might be unfolding, say.

Explanatory data.

For example: ” Where are all the people that give a dam? “

Our perception of “relevant wealth” has been corrupted, that would be obvious and correct. Complacency is another problem we have but to define laziness in others is to define familiar traits.

All this standing around and considering things invariably lead to front line acting. So one went away and cleaned out storm water drains. Of course this lead to one pondering the seemly futile council efforts at maintaining our common storm water drains but then one tends to ponder who is able to labour under the current covid restrictions, considering the sacrifices people already make (from day to day). Maybe people are not fully engaging current technology. Perhaps we all missed another opportunity to have street parties. Hot day party or wet day party, say.  BBQs and working Bs were people make the effort to know who is new to the street or area or town ! Considering what seems to be a decline in services it might be a good idea for people to be more assertive in the area of resources and who is operating on their behalf.

Maybe that’s just magical thinking and the reason one was standing in the rain on a wet day is because one is an irrational man with delusions of grandeur and maybe that perception of old school thinking no longer has a place in the(ir) new idiom.

Why would people want to leave their comfortable homes if they are happy and why was one not happy at “home”. ..but one is happy here in Benalla, living amongst others with similar concerns about maintaining a community with similar values and don’t suddenly become alarmed when some guy from down the road (whom had the time to) rake leaves and clear drains in the rain with the notion to help maintain  byproducts of an established society, ..it’s roads & drains.

Why not just phone the council and get the council to do what they are paid to do. ..sometimes to get what one wants one needs to have a better question.

Hope your sundays are passing agreeably.

might see you next Sunday.




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