Happy Fathers Day

Text pending, well wishes forwarded.
.. Have a great day.
Another good meet up in our park on a beautiful Sunday.
Not too many and never enough 🙂
What did we discuss: energy, education and elections.
Every day is a good day for quotes, quotes are good.
Who was that fellow whom wrote “The Great Gatsby”, (Fitzgerald was the Shakespeare of his time, another strange perspective one might consider,) so many great quotes to ponder and consider. It’s almost impossible to find a favorite,..but here’s one “Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther..And then one fine morning- So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”.
That moment when the penny drops and the pupil surpasses the teacher.. Free Energy !! we discussed free energy, one finds the term, “free energy” offensive, however one digresses.
freedom is a state of mind, so what is a mind. So few ask, everyone assumes they know what their mind is..based on their government approved education and social norms ! .. !! (lols), one digresses.

We didn’t discuss the Kennedy assasination or Jakies’ wardrobe and how it is proof of intelligent design or the see eye A connection. we didn’t discuss transvestites (or the snubbing of Craig Mcglachlan from the Neighbours reunion), we didn’t discuss niggerdom (or the rights of property and Fatherhood).

we did have awesome coffee and chips at that rusty old place near the old ANZ building,…(^^).

We did discuss other options for electricty and spellingk mistakes.

We did not discuss Perry Como, Brian Ferry or Bert Bacherat..!


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