Inquiry into allergies and anaphylaxis caused by vaccines – yes the government knew 100 years ago

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The potential and known causes, prevalence, impacts and costs of allergy and
anaphylaxis in Australia
Any inquiry into allergy and anaphylaxis must include the issue of childhood
vaccination. According to the Australian Psychological Society the current percentage
of children and young people in Australia living with chronic illness is around 10 to
20 per cent of the population. These chronic conditions include asthma and food
allergies. (1)……

Vaccines and allergy and anaphylaxis
A connection?
It was discovered over 100 years ago that food proteins in vaccines cause the
development of food allergies. Nobel Laureate Charles Richet reported that injecting
a protein into animals or humans causes immune system sensitization to that protein.
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) confirmed that food proteins in vaccines cause food
allergy, in its 2011 report on vaccine adverse events.
But the epidemic of allergies began in the early 1990s and as the author of The Peanut
Allergy Epidemic, Heather Fraser wrote
Tens of thousands of children with severe food allergy arrived for kindergarten at
schools across Canada, the UK, Australia and the US. This sudden phenomenon of
life threatening allergy just in kids in specific countries occurred simultaneously,
without warning and quickly intensified. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT),
hospital admission for food reactions increased by 400% 1993-2004 for children
Inquiry into allergies and anaphylaxis Submission 115
under five. Allergist Ray Mullins did not hesitate to call it an epidemic. By 2011, in
Melbourne, 3% of children or 1 in 33 were peanut allergic. The food allergy epidemic
began with the post-millennial generation, the group who received more vaccines
during early childhood than previous generations. (4)……

In their study Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?
Kemp T, Pearce N et al. investigated 1,265 children and discovered that of those who
received diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and polio vaccines, 23% had episodes of asthma
while 30% had consultations for other allergic illness.
Children who did not receive these vaccines had no recorded asthma episodes or
consultations for allergic illness. (8)…….

The government knew…..



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