Melbourne, Australia new testing ground for 26,000 MHz millimetre wave 5G technology. (and Benalla)

Did you know that the telecommunications industry has never tested or proven safety on millimetre waves at 26,000 MHz?

Even before 5G, over 2000 peer-reviewed reports show biological harm from 3G and 4G wireless technology. Hence, why no insurance company will cover this technology, ever.

 What is 26,000MHz?

26,000 MHz (26GHz) are millimeter waves, these pointed signals are being sent via laser-like phased array beams and now we know Melbourne is the testing ground.

5G is an additional layer to what is already radiating from your local tower. 3G + 4G + 5G radiates from the same tower at the same time.

What locations currently have 26,000 MHz?

Telstra and Optus have rolled out 26,000 MHz across some iconic Melbourne destinations including St. Kilda, South Yarra, MCG, East Melbourne, Melbourne Olympic Park and we’re uncovering more regional locations every day.

Keep checking this blogfor the updated list of locations where 26,000 MHz is operating and the locations being proposed for an upgrade -across ALL states.

Here is a list of the 26,000 MHz locations that we know about so far:


Active now:

  1. 13 The Esplanade, ST KILDA VIC 3182
  2. Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne Olympic Park, MELBOURNE VIC 3000
  3. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Brunton Avenue EAST MELBOURNE VIC 3002
  4. 32 Gisborne St, EAST MELBOURNE VIC 3002
  5. The Como Centre, 630 Chapel Street, SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141
  6. 83-85 McFadzean Avenue, RESERVOIR VIC 3073
  7. 395 Somerton Road, MEADOW HEIGHTS VIC 3048


  1. 146 Cotham Rd, KEW VIC 3101



  1. Bondi Beachside Inn, 152-162 Campbell Parade, BONDI BEACH NSW 2026



  1. Rendezvous Hotel, 138-140 The Esplanade SCARBOROUGH WA 6019
  2. 64 Inverness Drive, MEADOW SPRINGS WA 6210

How do you check if 5G (26,000 MHz) has been switched on near you?

  1. Jump onto and search your location or address.
  2. Check on the address to see what level of 5G radiation you’re being exposed to.

If you’re seeing 5G in Black at 26,000 MHz, this means it is already operating and you are being exposed to high-level military-grade technology.

If 26,000MHz is displayed but 5G is circled in Blue, it is yet to be turned on but is due to be upgraded soon.

Please note 5G is not replacing 3G and 4G bandwidth from towers. As you can see 5G is additional radiation in our atmosphere – this means 3G, 4G and 5G all radiate waves and beams from a tower at the same time.

What can you do about it?

  1. Download this flyer to email to your contact list.
  2. Print and share with your neighbour’s letterbox.
  3. Screenshot your RFNSA results and share them with your online community using #26000, Remember to tag @wearenotsam
  4. Email with your RFNSA URL and we can add it to our list of impacted locations.
  5. Contact your local newspaper and cc your local MP to let them know an experimental technology is being deployed in your region.

What are the Bio-effects of long-term radiation exposure?

Source: McCredden, J., Weller, S., Leech, V., 2023 “The Assumption Of Safety Is Being Used To Justify The Rollout Of 5G Technologies”,Frontiers in Public Health, Vol 11.


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