Musician who was left partially paralysed

Just another story of vaccine injury where doctors who know very well that this was a vaccine injury, refuse to admit it.

An award-winning Australian musician who was left partially paralysed claims he was told privately by five different doctors that it was almost certainly a reaction to the Moderna vaccine but they would not put it in writing out of fear of being deregistered.

Tyson Illingworth, aka tyDi, who shot to fame at age 17 after being signed by Armin van Buuren’s Armada label, says he is still in constant pain and taking daily medications and injections, more than six months after being hospitalised and going through rehab to “learn to use my hands and feet again”.

The 35-year-old was forced to take six months off touring and says his “life was torn apart emotionally”, both by his injury and the alleged refusal of doctors to officially acknowledge what they told him in private.

“I was in hospital for quite some time doing rehab, learning to use my hands and feet again, walking between traffic cones,” he told

“I understand rare side effects might happen – I was unlucky. But why have five different doctors all said to me, ‘I know what this is, it’s a vaccine reaction, there’s no other explanation, but I can’t say anything because I’ll get deregistered’?”

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