The Genocidal Trinity: AI + 5G + VAXX

Doing some recent research I became aware of the fact that in city limits, where the main roads (or main arteries of the city) are located, huge 5G towers are near to be found on both sides of the highway. They are usually set on top of high buildings (never mind if they are inhabited apartment buildings) or in spots where there are not many “obstacles” around to be seen.

Their position is definitively not accidental, that is basically what ‘The Grid’ is all about. I do not know if people reading these words have observed the same “pattern” in the cities or towns where they live. Please, let me know if so.

“It is hard to say specifically where the towers are located, as with a rollout this large, it will be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the towers.” From ‘Where are 5G towers in the UK? EE explains network coverage across different areas of Britain’ by HITC (2020)

I have ended up calling these towers “The Sentinels” as they are precisely roughly positioned in the same way “guardians” of a city would be placed at the main entrance, that is, standing on both sides of the gate (or anywhere close to it).

The video below suggests what such structures would have been placed for, not precisely to make our Internet connections “faster”, but for other much more sinister purposes (check 07:00 mins. in). Is this the reason why they are pushing Elon Musk’s electric transportation system so bad? Remote control and depopulation. Think about it.

Some of the video’s content also goes in connection with the snake-venom “conspiracy” which was issued not too long ago, the correlations are too coincidental to say the least. This is an issue which makes me think immediately about “vaccines” being spread via chemtrails, courtesy of Bill Gates and his (((handlers))).

The following words are the introduction to the video (which is 16:53 minutes long). My transcription:

After watching thousands of videos of people dropping dead for most likely the effects of the vaccine we can start to see a pattern emerging in a few of them, what has become known as “twitchers” or the “fish out of water syndrome”. In this video we will explore a new theory as to what is going on and why this is happening.

There are a number of common factors in the videos of people suddenly collapsing: The victim is inside a building, often a large structure like a railway station, which due to the roof spans will likely have a lot of metal in the construction… When the victim is inside a vehicle, which is made of metal or in a building which has a lot of heavy concrete structure, like a shopping centre.

The victim is using a mobile phone at the time of the collapse or is in close proximity to people who are using phones. The victim is just fine one minute, with everything seemingly normal for that. Then very suddenly they become disoriented, collapsing and convulsing, usually with limbs shaking and at the end they stretch out.

So what on Earth could be causing such a sudden and immediate death?

And what is the link to cellphones?

PAYLOAD – THE VAX + 5G + AI CONNECTION Could this be what is causing people to suddenly drop dead? (September 8th, 2022)


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