Yes, the vaccinated can shed, and yes, this was the plan right from the start. Vac. transmitting Antibody &/or Spike Protein to unvac, Pfizer doc’s say 2nd degree (indirect) transmission possible! 

More and more doctors and scientists are finding abnormalities in blood of vac. along with metals and particles that look like graphene oxide, and they are speaking out in increasing numbers.

Graphene oxide is a nanomaterial that absorbs microwave radiation.  See 4.1.3 of this paper  Recent progress of nanomaterials for microwave absorption – ScienceDirect

It also has been used as an adjuvant in vaccines – see this 2016 study Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity – PubMed ( 

Thankfully, they are courageously speaking out, along with sharing treatments they are using to help those injured by the shots, and truthful media like Epoch Times is reporting it.  

Please read what they have to say and share with others.

1) Vac. transmitting Antibody &/or Spike Protein to unvac, Pfizer doc’s say 2nd degree (indirect) transmission possible!  

Chelation to remove heavy metals + Supplements + IVM + HCQ to help the injured


  • A new pre-print study published by the University of Colorado concluded that antibodies can be transmitted through aerosols, based on their finding that nasal antibodies in unvac children living with vac parents were much higher than that found in unvac children living with unvac parents.
  • It is well documented that bodily fluids including breastmilk, saliva, tears, and sweat contain antibodies. Mothers are recommended to breastfeed their babies because it provides their babies with their antibodies. However, though we know that antibodies can be present in bodily fluids, we do not know if antibodies can become airborne.  The study tested face masks from vaccinated individuals and found COVID-19 antibodies on the masks, which makes it possible that the vac could be transmitting antibodies through the air.  However, it is possible that those antibodies in the mask came from sweat and saliva of the mask wearer.
  • However, internal medicine practitioner and integrative and chelating specialist Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea said the results may indicate that the vac. may be transmitting spike proteins to the unvac., which could also lead to increased antibodies in unvac.
  • Many doctors have observed strange occurrences in unvac. individuals after spending time with people who are vaccinated. “What I’ve seen with unvaccinated individuals who would come into the office with symptoms of things like headaches, feeling unwell, myalgia (meaning muscle aches), and a lot of times women who got in contact with vaccinated people develop hemorrhaging and menstrual irregularities, but very unusual in terms of large clotting and bleeding,” Dr. Mihalcea told The Epoch Times.
  • The Pfizer clinical trials (pdf) listed vaccine exposure during pregnancy (EDP) could happen to a female by a first degree contact – i.e. breathing near or touching a vac. person, or through a second degree (indirect) contact – i.e.  breathing near or touching an unvac. person who was breathing near or touching an unvac. person! The Pfizer document said that examples of environmental exposure during pregnancy includes “a female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.” or if “a male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.” This statement suggests that an unvac. person can be exposed to the vaccine through breathing or skin contact with someone who was vaccinated, and then pass it to someone elseFindings from peer-reviewed research published in the Gazette of Medical Sciences also seem to be in support of vaccine transmission. The study documented a spike in occurrences of decidual cast shedding and miscarriages in women after COVID-19 shots started rolling out. One poignant testimony (pdf) in the study told of a woman of unknown vac. status who experienced decidual cast shedding after her husband spent 20 minutes with people who were vac. Decidual cast shedding is a rare event as around 40 cases have been documented in the medical literature prior to the rollout of the shots, and it occurs when the thick mucus lining of the uterus sheds in nearly the exact shape of the inside of the uterus, creating a triangular cast. However, the study reported 292 out of 6,092 women surveyed have experienced it following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The study was also supplemented with testimonies from women who previously had successful pregnancies but began to suffer miscarriages after visiting friends and family who were vac.
  • D-dimer testing is often done to check for blood clots. A Canadian doctor, Dr. Charles Hoffe, announced in July 2021, that he found over 60 percent of his vac. patients had elevated D-dimer levels, and recorded his findings in a video.  Mihalcea started doing her own D-dimer tests on unvac. patients.“I started seeing a huge amounts of [unvaccinated] people of all ages who had abnormal D-dimer testing, indicating the possibility for micro clotting,” Mihalcea said.  Mihalcea also published a video explaining elevated D-dimer levels in her patients, suggesting possible transmission from vaccinated to unvaccinated individuals.
  • Her treatment regime involved a series of supplements and pharmaceuticals, namely, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, both of which are effective antivirals for the COVID-19 virus. She also prescribes quercetin which reduces inflammation, glutathione has detox effects, blood thinners such as aspirin to prevent blood clotting, and vitamins to boost the immune system including vitamins D and C.  She said she later found vitamin C infusions, and chelating therapies, which remove heavy metals, also improved her patients’ symptoms and brought their D-dimer levels back to normal.
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny said on the JD Rucker podcast that she and many doctors have come to the conclusion that the spike protein, made in human cells from the mRNA and adenovirus COVID-19 vaccines, are what is being transmitted from vac. to unvac.  A study on cells in the laboratory has found that after exposure to spike protein DNA, cells derived from human embryonic kidney cells would make the spike proteins and then pack them into cellular sacs called exosomes.  Exosomes have been found in sweat and tears and have been previously studied as an option to impart immunity through skin contact. Exosomes could be transmitting spike proteins from infected cells since other studies have found that exosomes can be shed in sweat and tears, and this makes the possibility of transmission through skin contact and aerosols plausible
  • How Bad is My Batch, a website that compiles vaccine adverse event reports from Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), has shown that the number of adverse effects can drastically vary between different batches of COVID-19 injections. The website states that 5 percent of the Pfizer batches appear to have produced 90 percent of adverse reactions, and that some batches are associated with 30 times the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches.  Mihalcea said that this variability reflects possible differences in injection content,  “There are certain batches that have very substantial side effects. That means that different batches don’t shed at all and other batches shed a lot.”
  • Mihalcea recommended the unvaccinated to boost their immune systems through supplements like vitamin D and C. More importantly, however, she said that everyone should maintain a healthy mindset, including having no fear. “When people are afraid, their immune system is adversely affected … If you’re depressed or you’re anxious, you actually shorten your telomeres (DNA which prevent aging) which means you’re aging much, much faster, including your immune system. So part of being healthy is also not being afraid.” Social stress and anxiety have been associated with the shortening of telomeres, which increases aging, including aging of the immune system. 
  • Despite Vaccine manufacturers assuring that graphene is not in the COVID-19 vaccinations and that graphene is not listed as an ingredient in the shots, recent peer-reviewed studies from Germany and Italy found that in mRNA-vaccinated people reporting post-vaccination symptoms, over 90 percent of the vaccinated had metal nanoparticles that resembled graphene oxide in their blood. Blood analyses by Dr. Phillipe Van Waldenberg have also found graphene oxide in the blood of both vac. and unvacc. individuals who were exposed to vac individuals. Graphene oxide nanoparticles are used in biotechnology for cancer treatment and drug delivery.

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