THE BRAT! The WEF’s 20 Year Old Climate Change Muppet ‘Interviewed’ at Davos…FAIL!! Speechless…

Don’t let the little girl giggles fool you! This is a highly trained propaganda creature and knows how to play it. Greta Thunberg’s great power is that she’s 20 but she looks 13.

Ezra Levant Rebel News | Jan 20, 2023

She can dish it out, but any time anyone challenges her, she pretends she’s just a little girl and giggles. No wonder they love her at the WEF.

I dare say this one interview had more unscripted questions for her than she’s ever faced in her entire life.

All week we’ve been in Davos, Switzerland, penetrating the world’s most secretive organization, the World Economic Forum.

There are a lot of VVIP’s here — Very Very Important People [Edit: in their own minds] — from billionaires to oligarchs to heads of state, but the boss of them all is a child actor named Greta Thunberg.

She’s actually not a child — she’s 20 years old now — but she still looks 13. And that’s her power: a child prophet condemning us with a scowl. Her most famous moment was shouting “How dare you!” at the world.

So why would an environmentalist scold like that come to a luxury, private jet conference with the world’s biggest industrialists?

Is she just a child actor? Who writes her lines? And why should anyone listen to a high school drop-out on complex scientific and economic questions? Those are just some of the dozens of questions we peppered her with, over the course of a 20-minute walking interview.

No-one has ever asked Greta tough questions before — as you can see, the mainstream media who were walking with us asked her nothing but softballs, and even “defended” her from our questions that they didn’t like.

I’m sure her passionate supporters will be thrilled with this video — they’ll see her non-answers and dismissive laughter as a rebuke to us. I’m not so sure. I think it’s proof that Greta really doesn’t know her facts, she’s not open to debating the issues and she falls back on her tired excuse of “I’m just a young girl!” whenever she’s caught in a lie.

You can see all of our videos from the WEF here. Like our interview of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, you know that only Rebel News would have done it this way.


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