Sen. Malcolm Roberts…Government Owned by The UN/WEF Criminal Cabal. MUST WATCH!

Pauline Hansons One Nation Party is the only party with enough punch and clarity to free Australia from the grip of the globalists.

Status on the pedophile suppression orders, Digital ID, Cashless Society, all sides of Government supporting the Globalists New World Order, Climate Fraud, Covid fraud, deceit, corruption. AHPRA private organization committing fraud by gagging doctors.

Truth Seekers Interview | 16 Jan, 2023 Senator Malcolm Roberts, Darren Bergwerf

Truth Seekers invites My Place / Peoples Councils Founder Darren Bergwerf to take part in their interview with Senator Roberts. Well Done Darren Bergwerf and the Truth Seekers team. I withdraw my earlier comments, I got the wrong impression and apologize. This is truly a must watch!


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