Lands lost in Paradise.

That might be the title that changes the world but not yet.

..’tis he, the absent Administrator with pocket of whims and musings, one figures one should scribe something reflecting our sojourn thus far.

Another great day spent with people willing to share and listen.

How graced we were this day to have the company of like minded people from afar.

How grand the find.

To be found by friends.

How rich the sense of gratitude.

Happy sharing a moment or two with new friends.

What incredible stories we are and share.

It may well be the company of like minded strangers, passing by in this ocean of Life.

How grand the tour, how humble the reason, to seek and know.

To be good is noble; but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble. – M.Twain.

Thoughts and prayers for our friends and their proceedings.
Meditatively mumbling & staring into a legal abyss may not be for all but for those few, may a genie of Vigil guide thee to glorious fields of victory and repose.

Thank you for the updates Juicy.

One by one, each sharing their own, we win.

Drawn across a latent line of success, learning lifes’ lesson of lessons of our own design..Only to ponder whos’ pen is this ?

On that note, thanks for reading.


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