,..my origami dog keeps falling over.

Of recently one happen to be flicking through a biography from Jack Lemmon. It has a great opening “Mother Nature doesn’t play fair, if you argue with her she will rain on you”.  Great book, must make time to read more of it.

It must have been quite the show, last nites storm.
One does remember the power going out and then having to sparking up a hurricane lantern, the whole experience was amusing!
Thunder & lightning and i don’t recall it, missed the whole damn affair. And we do love storms.

Anyhoo, we did have a little clean up, cleared away some storm debris.
Why, because we could and did, without being asked and without seeking gains.
(: A nice little reminder 🙂

We met in the park, yarned, listened, shared articles, exchanged secret handshakes and caught up with our chief Loon, in the following weeks we are investigating and possibly be building energy devices or alternative supply devices, we avoid the term “free energy”(, it’s an oxymoron).

Stay cool, keep tuned and be well.


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