OMFG!!! Everyone panic!!! There is a NEW virus!!! Yet another strain of absolute bullshit. Please daddy Dan, give us a vaccine!!!

Oh no!!! A new virus!!!
Its true because the media tells us so!!
Virus number 560 is here and if you dont panic, you are a racist terrorist who denies global warming!
How dare you not believe. There is laws against not believing the media!!!

Doctors in China have sounded the alarm over a newly detected virus.

“Langya” virus has infected 35 people so far in two provinces in eastern China, Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said.

The virus – officially named Langya henipavirus (LayV) – is entirely novel, meaning it has not infected humans before, The Sun reported.

However, it is in the Henipavirus family, of which two species have been identified before – the Hendra virus and Nipah virus.

These produce often severe and fatal illnesses in people – and there are no vaccines or treatments.

A new virus is spreading in China

A new virus is spreading in China

Henipavirus is classified as biosafety Level 4 with case fatality rates between 40 and 75 per cent, according to the data from World Health Organization.

None of the 35 patients who are infected with the new Langya virus have died, and none have been serious, according to the Global Times.

In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), scientists in China reported that the patients were tested because they were febrile.

Their symptoms were most commonly fever, fatigue, a cough, loss of appetite, muscle pain, nausea, headache and vomiting.

The patients had a history of contact with animals, the paper said.

But, given there is a cluster of cases, it suggests the virus may have passed between humans already.

The paper said: “There was no close contact or common exposure history among the patients, which suggests that the infection in the human population may be sporadic.

“Contact tracing of nine patients with 15 close-contact family members revealed no close-contact LayV transmission.

“But our sample size was too small to determine the status of human-to-human transmission for LayV.”

It was suspected by the scientists that shrews were the most obvious carrier of Langya virus among 25 animals studied.

It is reminiscent of the early days of the Covid pandemic, when China reported only a handful of novel coronavirus cases which were thought to be only related to animal transmission.

This story was originally published by The Sun and has been reproduced with permission


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