Top 8 ways the AMA, FDA and CDC bury NATURAL CURES

Image: Top 8 ways the AMA, FDA and CDC bury NATURAL CURES

(Natural News) Modern medicine is mostly “dirty medicine” because the serious health risks far outweigh any benefits that come from its use. The allopathic world of pharmaceuticals and vaccines is filled with nightmarish “side effects” and “adverse events” that come from allergic reactions, overdoses (even when taken as directed), permanent injuries and death, unlike natural remedies that rarely ever cause serious side effects. This is nothing new. In fact, for over a century, the US regulatory agencies have buried natural cures for just about everything, and the doctors and scientists who promote them are banned from practicing medicine or even killed for it.

AMA buries natural cures

Did you know that the first “Voice of American Medicine” was a quack? A sloth named Morris Fishbein weaseled his way into the top position of the American Medical Association, after barely graduating medical school, and conned every doctor into writing only prescription medications for diseases and cell disorder (cancer). All natural health clinics and natural healers were shut down.

This pharma-reign went on for 40 years under Fishbein, and vitamins and minerals would be swept under the rug, never to be spoken of as anything that could heal or prevent anything. The pharma (AMA or FDA) “seal of approval” is just as fraudulent today as it was back then, when Fishbein took in a fortune for stamping experimental lab-concocted drugs as “safe and effective” and publishing fake studies in the medical journals.



FDA buries natural cures

The FDA really began as the “Pure Food and Drugs Act” of 1906, when the agency deregulated adulterated (processed) food calling it “interstate commerce.” Burying the power of vitamins that were discovered in the early 1900s was key to promoting prescription medicines, all while Americans slowly but surely became sick and died younger from adulterated food (and nutrient deficiency). America all but invented cancer, diabetes and heart disease, and the FDA oversaw everything.

After World War II, the corrupt medication industry was ruled by former Nazi scientists who served only 4 to 7 years for mass murder and genocide in Germany under Hitler. The Nazi’s were never truly “defeated,” only disbanded to become the core designers of Big Pharma in America, what most people know as Bayer (Monsanto) and Pfizer today.

One scientist, named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, literally discovered a non-toxic gene-targeting cure for even the most lethal kinds of cancer, like brain stem cancer, and cured children, as their parents testified in court, trying to save Burzynski from FDA prosecution. The FDA basically made it illegal to cure cancer using natural medicine.

CDC buries natural cures

The CDC purposely pushes all kinds of toxic vaccines on Americans, knowing the health risks and detriment FAR OUTWEIGH the benefits, if any. There’s mercury in multi-dose flu shots. There’s a deadly pig virus called circovirus (from China and Russia) found in children’s rotavirus vaccines (check Rotateq), and now there are injections that tell human cells to create billions of blood-clogging virus-mimicking spike proteins. This is all part of the CDC’s for-profit business model of keeping Americans sick at all times.

This is why nobody should trust anything that comes down the pike from the US regulatory agencies, because they were all founded on fraud, built on fraud, and designed to perpetuate health-decimating fraud.

8 Ways the AMA, FDA and CDC bury natural cures

#1. Completely censor them from the public by controlling media searches (Google) and posted data.

#2. Manipulate them in a laboratory to make them weak, then patent the weak version, stop anyone from selling anything else, and then say they barely (and rarely) work.

#3. Discrediting (through character assassination) honest doctors, nutritionists and scientists who use them effectively.

#4. Blocking and blacklisting bloggers, podcasters and YouTube influencers who blow the whistle on bad medicine and/or spread the word about natural remedies that work.

#5. Having fake “fact checkers” discredit the cures and call them misinformation or disinformation.

#6. Posting misinformation everywhere about natural remedies, including fake studies and manipulated data, and making these searches rank high in Google.

#7. Government regulators spread lies themselves that are scripted and repeated by newscasters and hospital administrators for all doctors and nurses to regurgitate to patients (and patients to each other).

#8. By literally murdering doctors and scientists who blow the whistle on toxic medicine or dirty vaccines, or who discover natural remedies that work for modern diseases and disorders, including Covid,

That’s why you can’t trust anything that’s spewed from the mouths of representatives and so-called “experts” that work for the disease perpetuation agencies of the USA. Stay tuned and stay frosty. Tune your internet to for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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