OMG, here we go – Masking no longer about SCIENCE: it’s about “respecting” Blacks and Hispanics, somehow

Yes, now they are saying not wearing a face mask is racist. And of course this is aimed at white people, because only white people are allowed to be seen as racists. And white people can never be allowed to be victims of racism, oh no, that privilege is for non whites only.
This is how they are going to divide us yet again. Racism, works every time. Just tie it to COVID somehow and hey presto, another reason to hate white people.
I wonder how many white people are going to be beat up or killed because they are now considered racist.
It never ends. They just keep on enjoining other agendas onto this COVID fallacy. And as has happened many times already with this COVID BS, white people are the ones to be demonized while everyone else gets a free pass.
All part of the anti white, anti Christian, agenda.

Image: Masking no longer about SCIENCE: it’s about “respecting” Blacks and Hispanics, somehow

(Natural News) MSNBC ran a segment the other day featuring The New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay, who made the implication that not wearing a face mask is racist.

Even though official government policy has done away with masking, Gay believes that people should still wear one as a sign of respect towards blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, whom she claims have a higher-than-average risk of testing positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“I think it’s an important moment to recognize everybody is weary, but the impact has not been equal across the American population or the world,” Gay told one of the hosts who expressed that he is tired of wearing a mask.

“A virus does not a pandemic make. What makes this a pandemic is the fact that 1,000 Americans are still dying from this virus. It is not the flu. And also, many, many more, unfortunately, are coming down with symptoms of long covid, which has become endemic, and anybody is susceptible to.”

In Gay’s view, so-called “long covid” is a very serious problem – “much larger,” in fact, than anyone realizes. And not enough is being done to address it, she says. (Related: UC Berkeley is now requiring students who refuse flu shots to wear a mask indoors.)

“As long as that’s the case, as long as we actually don’t have the treatment and the medication to truly make this something that is closer to a cold – and we’re not there yet, which is what we’re not really, kind of, acknowledging. This is still a serious situation.”


So now covid is all about skin color?

If a person wants to take off the mask while on a plane, train, or on the subway, “that’s fine,” Gay added.

“But I think we just need to acknowledge that there are still people in communities for whom this is a [sic] every day fact of life that they have to think about.”

These communities, Gay went on to explain, are all non-white – because white people, in her view, are most protected against Chinese Germs.

“Masking remains an act of solidarity and respect for vulnerable people – that includes people with disabilities, with chronic conditions like asthma, as well as for hard-hit communities like native and black communities especially, Hispanic communities that have been hit especially hard by this virus,” Gay rambled.



“So we need more urgency around treatment for long covid. We need more urgency around respect for vulnerable communities. And it just doesn’t cost me that much to put on a mask for someone else.”

In the background, nodding along and verbally agreeing with all this, was none other than Mika Brzezinski. She and the other hosts, all of whom have lighter skin, were seen in a tiled view at the end of the segment mostly agreeing with Gay’s sentiments.

“Masking is an act of solidarity for stupid people,” wrote a commenter in response to the video clip.

“Masks are the liberals’ MAGA hats,” pointed out another about how face coverings have become a political statement.

“Stay home if you’re vulnerable!” expressed another. “Let your fear cost YOU everything, not me! Wearing a mask is ignorant. And it costs me EVERYTHING to give in to their mask-fear delusions. No more!”

“The mental illness is strong on the left,” added another. “At least we can tell who they are in public.”

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